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Jets Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame Purpose

The purpose of the Northeastern High School Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those persons who through their performance, service, or achievements reflect positive credit on Northeastern High School, thus inspiring present and future students.


Nominees Eligibility

Nominees are eligible after their twenty-fifth birthday.  Nominees shall have attended Northeastern High School or brought honor and/or recognition to Northeastern High School as a faculty/staff member, coach, or contributor. 


Nomination Procedure

Nominations may be made by anyone at anytime.  Nominations must be made by January 25th for consideration for the spring presentation.  Nominations shall be submitted to the high school office or submitted via email.  Nominees shall have made signigicant contribution to the school, community, state, nation, or world while a student or later in life. 


Nominee Information 

Please list extraordinary activity(ies) or accomplishment(s) for which this person is being nominated.  Please include specific acts, awards, accomplishments, etc., and the dates of such.  Please include media coverage, a brief resume or other documentation.  Please provide a narrative of fewer than two hundred words on why this person should be recognized in the Northeastern High School Hall of Fame. 


Requirements for Selection - Student Athlete

  • Must be a graduate of Northeastern High School.
  • Must have played a minmum of two seasons at the Varsity Level.
  • May have demonstrated leadership and outstanding character in school and in the community.
  • Had a significant impact on the athletic programs. 

Requirements for Selection - Contributor

  • An individual who has made a significant contribution to Northeastern High School athletic program(s).
  • An individual that has been an innovator in the development of new programming beneficial to the student-athletes of Northeastern High School.
  • An individual who has provided long periods of outstanding support and or service to Northeastern High School. 

Requirements for Selection - Coach

  • Must have demonstrated an unusually high degree of success relative to his/her sport.  Success in the program is not always measured by wins and losses, but may be determined by the degree of respectability given the person or program by other people.
  • Must have displayed outstanding character and leadership qualities.
  • Must have coached a specific sport at Northeastern High School for a minimum of five seasons, and did not leave the sport or the high school for reasons detrimental to the image of the district.
  • Must have left the coaching position for at least three years prior to the selection to the Hall of Fame, but may still be serving the school district in another capacity.